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Reforest Fairfax

Tree Canopy

Fairfax Releaf, Inc.

Fairfax County Restoration Project.

Plant Nova Natives

The Community Foundation of Northern Virginia

A gift program designed to restore the tree canopy in Fairfax County.  Each $35 gift buys five native seedlings that will be planted by Fairfax ReLeaf in the next planting season either-- spring or fall. 


The layer of trees that covers the ground when viewed from above.  In an urban area, even a few backyard oaks count as part of the canopy and makes  a vital difference to the ecosystem.  The urban tree canopy provides many economic and environmental benefits, including energy conservation, providing wildlife habitat, improving air and water quality, lowering outdoor temperatures, and boosting property values.  Plus, trees add beauty to neighborhoods and shopping areas as well as along streets.

Fairfax ReLeaf, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization of volunteers who plant and preserve trees, improve community appearance and restore habitat on public and commons lands in Northern Virginia. Fairfax ReLeaf serves as a practical laboratory for assessing techniques to lessen the impact of development on the environment in one of the most rapidly changing forest/urban interface areas in the country. 

The Fairfax County Restoration Project (FCRP) is a public-private partnership whose mission is to create, promote, and connect efforts to restore ecosystem fuctions.  Administration of Reforest Fairfax is being transferred to Plant Nova Natives as of December 2019.  Fairfax ReLeaf continues to partner on the planting of the trees to fulfill the purchased gifts.  FCRP does not accept or have any financial interest in Reforest Fairfax but encourages donations to all of our non-profit partners.

Plant Nova Natives (PNN) is a joint marketing campaign of over sixty private, public, and non-profit organizations, and hundreds of individuals.  The mission is to educate the community and to promote the benefits to water quality and natural habitat of planting beautiful Northern Virginia natives, through the efforts of committed volunteers using multimedia outreach and events, and by working with local growers and sellers of native plants. All are welcome to participate in this collective action movement.

The Community Foundation  of Northern Virginia provides assistance with financial processing and general guidance to PNN for managing Reforest Fairfax. All proceeds relating to Reforest Fairfax are collected by The Community Foundation on behalf of PNN and used to support education, outreach and promotional efforts for restoration using native plants through the Plant NOVA Natives campaign.  All gifts purchased or donations made to PNN are tax deductible. 

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